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OyaBurn: Where Sweat Meets Serendipity! 

Attention, Fitness & Sauna Adventurers! 

We’ve flung open our doors (okay, maybe not flung—more like gently nudged) to unveil the all-new OyaBurn experience... Drumroll, please! 

What’s Hotter Than Our Saunas? Our brand-spankin’ new website! It’s sleek, shiny, and practically doing squats to impress you. Head over there faster than a sprinter chasing a gold medal. Clickety-click!

Now, let’s talk shop (or sweat, in our case):

Appointment-Only Vibes: We’re not your average gym. Nope, no walk-ins here. We’re like that exclusive nightclub with a velvet rope. Why? Because when you step into OyaBurn, it’s all about you. No distractions, no awkward treadmill small talk. Just you, your goals, and maybe a motivational llama poster. 

Personal Appointments: Ready to ignite those glutes? Book your personal appointment online. It’s easier than doing a downward dog (and less bendy). Choose your slot, add it to your calendar, and voilà! You’re officially part of the OyaBurn elite. 

What We Do: Oh, we do it all. Picture this:
Infrared Saunas: Like a cozy cocoon of warmth. Sweat out yesterday’s pizza guilt while pretending you’re in a Finnish forest. 
Ice Baths: For the brave souls who think, “You know what this workout needs? A polar plunge!” It’s like skinny-dipping in Antarctica, minus the frostbite. 
Chromatherapy Showers: Because regular showers are so 2010. Step in, let the rainbow lights dance around you, and emerge feeling like a hydrated unicorn. 

Secret Sauce: Our trainers are part fitness gurus, part motivational speakers. They’ll whisper sweet nothings like, “You’ve got this!” and “Your quads are rock stars!” Plus, they know the best smoothie places in town. 
Location, Location, Lunge: Find us at OyaBurn Kerikeri. It’s the place where endorphins high-five each other and sweat droplets form a conga line. Look for the neon sign that says, “Burn Baby, Burn!” (Okay, maybe not, but we wish.) 

In Summary: OyaBurn—where burpees meet bliss, where kettlebells meet karma, and where you meet your future six-pack (or at least a friendly two-pack). 


See you soon, fitness superstar!
And remember, life is short—work out like nobody’s watching
(except maybe that motivational llama). 🤸‍♂️


Stay sweaty, The OyaBurn Crew


We have arrived....

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